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  Poem:   Anything Good

Anything good about me is God

my part in this play is but a facade,

a ragged costume in which I trod,

ever hungry for my home.

It’s heaven’s music, that glorious sound,

masquerading as raindrops,

as it touches ground,

rebounding back toward the throne.

Anything good about me that can be,

is my tiny meandering stream bound for the Sea.

In those moments when sea meets shore,

I could not want for anything more.

For it is when God raises my feeble hand

to brush, to clay, to pen,

that He lets me know that He is there

and that I’ll be with Him, again.

There is no other credit for creation,

when I am but the brush, the pen, the clay,

it is the Creator’s way to remind me, with elation,

that I am bound His way.

 Anything good about me is God,

it’s clear He’s here to stay,

I’m just a passing fancy, a whim that blows away.

Yet for those moments he passes through me,

I live my life each day.

Patricia Currey