Hello all!

Today I would like to begin to cover the issue of Satan being bound for the 1000 year Age of Grace. Did this happen at the Cross, or is it something that will happen at the end of some future age? I think the answer is quite obvious, if we study the Scriptures. Yet, at the same time, I was guilty of not understanding what this all really meant, until recently, and can certainly understand why there is confusion in regards to this matter. I am going to give a rough sketch of what I see after having discovered that Satan is not the ruler of this present post Cross world. Following this letter, I will begin to post some studies by others, that support what I have found on my own.

The kingdom of heaven was divided at the Fall of man. When Adam and Eve sinned, they were banished from the direct connection that they had with God. From there, the kingdoms of this world began. We see these kingdoms represented in the statue that we find in Daniel. Yet, God preserved and protected a remnant, from the earthly seed line of Adam, to be His people and prophets throughout the time that Satan had rule of this earth. Yet, even then, anyone who worshiped in Spirit and Truth, was under God’s protection, and Satan’s activities were limited as to what God would allow him to do.

The last days refer to the time after Jesus is baptized, a whole new kingdom, ruled by God, was at hand. The great majority of the mention of the “last days” in the Old Testament refer to this time, when a new kingdom would take over the earth. At the Cross, Satan’s head was crushed, and his earthly kingdom lost it’s king. Jesus is the new King and everyone who believes enters this new kingdom. Satan is bound in the bottomless pit at the Cross….this is not some future event.

Yes, he still operates in this world because of all the millions of people who still worship him as their god. He works through his people in a spiritual way, a dark spiritual way, much like how Jesus works in a Spiritual way in and through His people. Satan cannot attack anyone, but, if they open the door to him, he can definitely work through the person, or people who do this. Satan’s kingdom was crushed, but that did not stop people from still worshiping him. Remember, anyone who is not for God is against Him, therefore if one is not worshiping God, they are worshiping Satan.

Christ is restraining Satan, and the angels that fell with him, after the Cross, in chains in the bottomless pit. He will continue to restrain Satan until the 1000 years of the Age of Grace are over, and then He will let Satan out of this pit for a short time. During this short time, Satan will be allowed to tempt mankind, even the elect.

At the end of this short time, Satan will have gathered together all who are his at the Battle of Armageddon. Actually, I see this as the gathering together of the tare, to be burned, before the gathering of the wheat into the Barn of the Lord. At His Second Coming, the Lord will burn up the tare, destroy Satan, and gather His people and all the rest of the dead to the White Throne Judgment. We, who names are written in the Book Of Life will enter the New Heaven and the New Earth, and live eternally with the Lord.

That being said, our main focus, today, is showing, Biblically, the how and when Satan’s head was crushed and when he was bound in chains of darkness, until the last 42 months of this Age. Once we understand all this, it changes our understanding of so many things. What I find interesting is, there are many Bible scholars that believe that Satan was defeated at the Cross, but go on to teach that there is another 1000 period of time after this Age, that he will be bound again. This is not what the Bible tells us.

I wrote a study and posted it on this site, about the Restrainer. In that study, I found that what was being restrained was the Second Coming of Jesus, and what was restraining this Second Coming was two events that have to happen first. One, the great falling away of Christians from the Truth, and the revealing of the Anti-Christ.

At the time, when I wrote that study, I did not know about the 1000 years, yet, and where they really come into play. But, I find that what I discovered in that study is correct, but can be put much more simply. Jesus Christ is the Restrainer, and Satan is the restrained, until Jesus lets him loose for a short time, at the end of the Age, and after that the Second Coming. Jesus is restraining His Second Coming until after Satan is let loose again, for a short time. This has nothing to do with a rapture, or the taking of the Holy Spirit from this world!! These are important issues, and we must not be lead astray by the doctrines of demons, through men.

The next letter will be the first of two studies on this subject.

Blessing to All in the Name of Our Lord and Savior!

Patti C.