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BLASPHEMY VS BLESSING ( the feast of Ishtar) 

Hello all, 

On this feast of Ishtar I am sickened once again to think that the vast majority of people who call themselves Christians are defiling themselves with  the worship of other gods and doing it in the name of Jesus.  It would not be so bad if they just call it what it is, and celebrate spring and the rebirth of nature or whatever, but to tie it in with the Resurrection of Christ is blasphemy in the first degree! 

They do it in the name of Jesus, yet their hearts are far from Him. We are to worship in Spirit and in Truth, and the spirit of this celebration is the spirit of antichrist, and there is no truth found in what they do. Most do not want to know the truth, even when one tells them how these holidays are pagan and are on the satanic calendar straight from Babylon.  Even when they see there is nowhere in the Bible that tells us to celebrate “Easter”.  They do not want to know, they want to stay blind and let wolves in sheep’s clothing keep pulling the wool over their eyes! 

They say they do it for their children; the bunnies and easter egg hunts and the eating of a pig.  It is fun for them and they do not want to spoil their fun.  Even when they know the evil roots of all this they say they are not worshiping the bunnies or eggs, and as long as they acknowledge Christ on this day, it is alright and good.

They teach their children that is is good to dishonor God, as long as you do it in His name.  I think this is a form of passing your children through the fire that the Lord warns us about not doing. 

Not only that, it is a violation of the Greatest Commandment of loving the Lord with all ones heart, soul and mind; in word, thought and deed.  How can they not know that by their deeds they will be judged, and saying they love the Lord and then doing these pagan deeds is a willful disregard of the Word of God, and a willful regard for the lies of Satan.  They choose this, even when they know the truth…they choose to wilfully disregard it.  And, not only disregard it, but hate the one who told them this truth.  

By not celebrating this “unholy day” real  followers of Christ are thought of as deserters of the faith and troublemakers that are upsetting the applecart of Christian fellowship, and of course this so called”fellowship” has become more important than Christ and the Truth.  There is strength in numbers and if they all believe the same things, then of course the few who disagree are outcasts.  They love the wide way as they have plenty of company and are never alone. The narrow way is too lonely and not popular and who wants to risk losing all their friends in this world. 

This brings me to the question of whether or not they have a personal relationship with Christ.  How could they continue in this manner if they truly knew the Lord?  This really hits home the fact that “the Way is narrow and only a few will find it”.  How sad that these are the people that attend church and are pillars in the community that are to represent Christ in this world.  They have become lovers of self, and of fame, and of power, and of the populous opinion. Yet, they are but pillars of salt, as they have known the truth and turned back to the world and to the worship the gods, thereof.  

We are to love these people and forgive them, for in most cases they know not what they do.  Yet, even when informed of what they are doing they turn their backs and return to their pagan ways.  They do not want to know, as knowing is too much of a burden and too unpopular.  The modern church is filled with people like this, because anyone seeking truth and preaching it is not welcome in their “circles”.   

I guess the reason I am compelled to write this “rant” is because Christians whom I love dearly, and are like family to me, are celebrating this unholy day in all the pagan ways that I have mentioned.  They are aware of how I feel about it, and have honored the fact that I want no part of it, which I appreciate.  Each time I have tried to expose what this holiday is all about, they want no part of what I am trying to convey, and defend their position with the excuse of it’s for the children and we do not worship the easter bunny.  That may be all good and well as a way to silence me, but my concern is what will they tell Jesus at the Judgment Seat. 

Sometimes love is not all goodness and light, sometimes it is all about exposing darkness and evil.  A love that uncovers the ugliness of what one calls beautiful, a love that attempts to snatch from the fire those who willingly desire to be burned.   A love that is all about giving up the world and not joining in its pleasures. A love that Jesus showed the whole world when He died on our behalf. 

So, on this day, I want to thank and honor all my brothers and sisters in Christ who have come out of this world and are doing their best to expose the lies of Satan to those they love in an attempt to help them wake up to truth.  All those who are willingly giving up the pleasures of this life, and taking the cold rejection by their fellowman knowing that their reward awaits in heaven.  All those giving up their lives here in this world, and taking on their duties as watchmen on the wall with the responsibility to keep warning, even if no one is taking heed.  Those who are willing to be hated by all men to gain the love of the Lord. 

This is our tribulation in this world.  To give up all worldly pleasures, fame,  and popularity to gain Christ, and know it is the only reason we were born.  To count every other gain as loss in regards to knowing our King, our Lord and our Savior!!

 To all dedicated to Truth and Love, and sharing both so selflessly, may the Lord continue to bless you with more and more truth and love.  Surely He is coming soon. 


Patti C.