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Hello all, 

Woke up this morning having this revelation on my heart, and could do nothing else until I got it on paper.  I cannot judge it, or stop it, or even care if it proves that I have lost my mind.  So, please understand this is “bigger than me”, and glean from it whatever you shall. 

I am not saying that we should not be aware of what is happening in the world at this time.  I am saying we should realize that this is a reflection of what is happening in the hearts of mankind, and be aware of how all these events may be benefiting Satan, and his plans of deception; the strong delusion the Lord will allow all those to fall for, that have not Christ in them. 

WHAT IF? The strong delusion is about believing the lies of all the false doctrines that Satan, through hundreds of years of false prophets and dispensationalists, has implanted into the church? 

WHAT IF? It is not about what is happening in the world, but what is happening in the Church and what the church has chosen to believe that is being played out in the world? After all, the whole Bible is written for believers, not the world. 

WHAT IF?  We are the last generation before the Second Coming of the Lord that Satan has been working to make sure that we would be deluded, by his infiltrating the churches, for hundreds of years, to make his lies seem to be the truth?  Would this not be the Strong Delusion? 

Strong delusion that hides the Truth of: 

Who Israel truly is: 

A nation in the Middle East set up by Zionist Jews to mimic the gathering of God’s people at His Second Coming. Judaism is a religion not a people and certainly not made up of the elect of God. 

Thus, taking away the Knowledge that born again believers are God’s chosen people, Israel. Israel has always been a spiritual nation, with the natural first and then the spiritual fulfillment. 

Daniels 70th week: 

Putting the fulfillment of the New Covenant and the bringing in of the Kingdom of God to a future time as with Daniels 70th week, taking away the knowledge of the power believers truly were given, as members of His Kingdom which began after the Cross at Pentecost. 


Inventing a rapture that will take the so called “good people” that believe all the lies of the church, off the planet before anything bad happens, thus falling right into the schemes of the NWO to fake such a thing. 

Timing of Second Coming: 

Putting the timing, of the Lord’s Second Coming, 7 years or 3.5 years, after this so called rapture; thus giving the false notion that millions will be saved during this time period and given a Second Chance.  There is only one Last Day!! There are only two comings of Christ, and one is past.

The 144,000: 

Putting the sealing of the 144,000 after this rapture, as one event, and the people sealed as natural Israel that finally wake up to the truth.  Instead of a company of believers that are each sealed when they accept Christ during the New Testament Age and this number represents the full number of each of the Lord’s people, His sheep. 

The Two Witnesses: 

Believing the Two Witnesses are two old prophets standing in the streets of the corrupt city of Old Jerusalem evangelizing to the world; when in all actuality they are the Word and the Holy Spirit that testifies to the one True God to each person, church and nation. 

The Lake of Fire: 

Making the Lake of Fire an eternal hell instead of what each unbeliever will face when Jesus Comes, as all evil is burned up in His presence.  Those who do not have Christ living in them will face this all-consuming, purifying fire. 

The first and second resurrections: 

The lie that the first resurrection occurs apart from the first death, and happens at rapture, and the second happens 1000 years later.  The first resurrection happens when one dies to self and is born again from above, the second happens on the Last Day…Judgment Day. 

The first and second death: 

First death is death to self and rebirth into the Kingdom of God, where the second death has no power. The second death is the spiritual death of all un-believers.  It is the separation of the sheep and goats that happens when Christ comes in Judgment. 

New Jerusalem: 

The lie that this city will come down from heaven 1000 years after the Second Coming, when in fact this city has been being built since what Jesus did for us at the cross.  Every born again believer is a living stone in this city and they spiritually reside there the moment they give their lives to Christ. 

The Anti-Christ: 

A single man who will be in dwelt by Satan during the tribulation period and take over the whole world politically and spiritually.  When in fact this is the “spirit” that has taken over the churches and most Christians and has caused them to believe the strong delusion for they have no love of the truth.  

This anti-Christ has been around since the Fall, and this “spirit” now in dwells every person who has not Christ, and it is taking over the whole world in these end-times…it is not one man, it is millions all having the same “spirit”. 

The number 666:   

That this is the number of the man who is Anti-Christ and it will be a physical mark that each unbeliever will take in or on their body during the Great tribulation. When in truth this is the number of man…humanity is the beast, and each person who has not Christ living inside them already has this number on their foreheads or on their hands…in what they think (forehead) and do (right hand). 

Mystery Babylon:

All manner of lies about this one…it is a city; it is Rome or America, or the Vatican.  When in fact it is the Harlot Christian church and the false doctrine that has turned it into the synagogue of Satan. 

Gog and Magog: 

A Battle between two nations such as Russia and the USA, when in actuality it is the battle that rages in every man between the Truth and the strong delusion, which becomes especially intense during the short time that Satan is released from the bottomless pit, when he can deceive mankind as he did before the Cross. 

The Millennium: 

The earthly 1000 year reign of Christ after His Second Coming and before the final judgment at the White throne.  This is a “golden age” which will end with Satan being loosed and allowed to once again, deceive everyone, already living in God’s presence, before the final battle. When in truth, this is the New Testament Age where every born again follower of Christ becomes kings and priests, under His rulership from Heaven, as He sits on the Throne at the right hand of His father, and on the Throne in our hearts. 

The Battle of Armageddon: 

Seen as physical final battle between the forces of Satan, against the forces of Jesus, in a valley in the Middle East, after the 1000 year Millennium, when Satan will be finally defeated and thrown into the lake of fire.  

When in truth this “battle of Armageddon” depicts the final battle between King Jesus and His heavenly armies, and the worldwide forces of Satan.  At the Second Coming, the devil loses, and his global kingdom comes crashing down. When Christ descends from the east, He will deliver “the Israel of God” from the clutches of “Babylon.” The Israel of God” centered in Jesus Christ whose home and dwelling place is the “New Jerusalem”. 

The Kingdom of God:  

The future Kingdom that Christ will rule after his Second Coming, which infers that He failed at establishing this Kingdom the first time He came in the flesh to die for the sins of all mankind.  This is the most powerful lie of the deceiver, as it makes the church believe that the Kingdom is future and that the church here on earth is only a form of the kingdom to come.   Thus the earthly church becomes all form and no power. 

What was finished at the Cross: 

This was only part of God’s plan of redemption that His Son finished as the Lamb of God, who died a horrible death on the Cross to fulfill.  The rest of it is future when He comes to rule on earth. 

When God, as His Son Jesus, tells us “it is finished” we better believe Him.  All was finished…the Way was open, the Truth was given and eternal life was secured for everyone who believed.  The only thing yet to be finished is Judgment on all those who refused what Jesus fulfilled. 

Therefore, WHAT IF? All these false doctrines that have crept in unaware to all the churches, brought in by wolves in sheep clothing masquerading as angels of light, is the strong delusion that the Lord will let all those who are not saved by the true Gospel, believe as the time draws near for His Second Coming, and Satan is loosed for his final time of deception.   All those who called themselves Christians who chose to follow the lies of Satan because they had not the LOVE OF THE TRUTH.

God is no respecter of persons (the flesh) and the Bible is not open to private interpretation of its Spiritual message.  When Jesus kept repeating the need for “eyes to see and ears to hear” was He speaking of physical eyes and ears?  How could He be when he called the Pharisee blind guides, were they all physically blind? No!  He told us it was better to pluck out our physical eyes if they offended the Spirit of Truth. 

Why do we, as His followers persist in believing that God’s Plan is an earthly, visible, physical plan that will only play out in a worldly way?  This is what Satan has worked long and hard at getting us to believe for centuries, so that when he was loosed at the short time at the end of days, he could pull off his major deception and have everyone falling for what he is doing in this world! 

Our leaders are all his pawns that are putting into motion the manifestation of all the lies that have entered the church.  Satan knows the Bible and the plan of God better than Christians, and he has them eating out of his hand.  He will influence all happenings in this world that have to do with Bible prophecy, especially all the false doctrines that he introduced and helped perpetrate, down through the ages. 

The signs and wonders we are seeing now happening in world governments, the weather, religion, the papacy and in this physical world, are all part of his move to get us to believe in a false rapture, a false millennium, and a false understanding of the Spiritual nature of the Word of God.    

He has everyone looking outside of themselves, for the Truth, looking at a physical nation of people as Israel, looking at a physical rescue and not a spiritual sealing, looking to a false Messiah coming out of an evil dimension as the rapture of the Church.  Looking for one evil man to rule this world, when it is the evil inside each one of us that is the “antichrist” and all together it makes up the Son of Perdition, as the sum of all born again believes make up the Body of the Son of God. 

I am well aware that this message is not going to sit well with the majority of people who read it.  Most will think that I have gone off the deep end into “spiritual overload” and cannot see the trees for the forest.  

Truthfully, I have been leading up to this moment in every one of the countless studies that I have been presenting here since I started to find out for myself, by reading the Holy Bible and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

I feel that we MUST open our spiritual eyes and start to come to the spiritual truth before we are all deceived into believing the Strong Delusion, and Satan has us just where he wants us ready to fall for his greatest final act. 

I had no choice but to write this today.  It is out of love and concern that I share it with you all, here.  It matters not what you think of me, as I would be worried if this was well received. I write this in hopes that someone will at least take a look at the possibility of this, and take the time to find for them self.  Take our eyes off the world and put them on our hearts, and understand the inner spiritual message that the Bible is teaching, especially in the book of Revelation, for surely it is more important than what the world is doing. 

Because WHAT IF? What we are convinced of being the truth, as it happens in the Satan controlled world around us, is the Strong Delusion that the Lord is going to allow the end time church to fall for? 


Patti C.