Understanding Matthew 24

Hello all,

What a great way this has been to spend a Sunday morning! Watching and listening and taking notes from this wonderful lesson in Truth. I cannot recommend this highly enough!

The information provided here is earth shaking and extremely sobering in regards to how far from the truth most end time prophecy has become!! If you want to cling to your old way of knowing, don’t waste your time, you will not be able to after watching this. But if you want to wake up and smell the coffee about what Scriptures really mean, this will be a big day for you! It was for me!

I know how important it is to distinguish between the Old and New Covenants, but had no idea what destruction came about because of the Old passing away and the New Coming!! Also no idea of how this impacts Bible eschatology!! This is major!! And just as major is how this information proves we are living in the Kingdom that Christ established right NOW!

I am just going to include my raw notes from watching this, in hopes that some of the subject matter will grab attention and stir up curiosity as to what this whole study is about.

Topics and discussions covered in this teaching:

Finished at the Cross…..What was finished?

Simple and Clear…. the difference between understanding Scripture in a simple way or a clear way.

17 min mark joke…..he is telling how clear the Bible is to understand up until Jesus comes and then it gets really confusing. So most Christians think that as Christians all we do is hang around during this 2000 years and then something really bad is going to happen.

Why are we here?

This man will make you laugh…great sense of humor, jokes
that make us laugh at ourselves and our own understanding.

Major Point!! Reader Relevance : Made sense to those who are reading it at the time it was written. What value does Revelation have to those reading it at the time it was written?

Matt 24: Will take place in the generation He is speaking to….end of Old Covenant.

Was Jesus a false prophet? It did take place in 66-70 AD. Futurists say that generation means “race”. And these things will happen at the end of the race of people.

What’s at stake is how we live our lives. Freedom!

Freedom worth dying for…not about our death but His death…I will walk in the Kingdom that He died for.

Matt 24 not about end of the world….but end of the Age….and the end of the age that began with Moses that happens at the destruction of the Temple.

The disciples asked when Jesus was coming to destroy the Temple, not when His Second Coming is. The disciples did not even know that He was going to die yet, so why would they ask about His coming at the end of the world?

Earthquakes and famine were going on in 30-70 AD, in a big way! This is not about our time now.

The difference between the “Abomination of Desolation” and the “Abomination that causes Desolation” and how it throws off such diverse connotations. He jokes that the “Abomination of Desolation” sounds like the name of a professional wrestler!

The correct understanding is about the abomination that causes desolation and Luke 21 tells us what that abomination is. When armies surround Jerusalem…is the “abomination” where they will know the desolation is near.

Those in Judea flee to the mountains…local desolation, not the whole world. On the rooftop…that is also localized, who now a days hangs out on their rooftop? Also, the Sabbath was being practiced in Jerusalem at that time…it is not being kept, in this time, all over the world. People fleeing would be up against getting arrested for breaking the Sabbath, this would not happen now a days! When one is pregnant it is difficult to run for their lives.,,,all fits perfectly in 70 AD.

Context is crucial to understanding!

Matt 24 is about what an amazing prophet Jesus is, as he describes exactly what happens 40 years later to the Temple and to Jerusalem.
It is not about our day and things that will happen at the end of the world!!

There are those that try to say that the Book of Matthew was written after 70 AD because His prediction was too accurate, and this was not possible. Should we trust Bibles scholars or the Bible?
Not one Christian died in the destruction of Jerusalem…when the armies came every Christian fled the city, because they were so clearly warned by Jesus.

False Christ named John Levi convinces the Jews that he is the Messiah and tells them to burn all their storehouses of food to prove their faith in how he will deliver them from the Romans!! They had 3 years worth of food, and they burned it all, so when walled in by the armies they died of hunger, and disease. The four horsemen rode into that city, but that is another study.

This man, the false Messiah, was still in the Temple with 20,000 of his followers when the Romans set fire to it! Those who tried to escape, swallowed precious jewels and gold etc. to take it with them out of the temple, and the Roman Army caught on to this and actually cut these people in half to find and take what they had swallowed!!

I had never heard about this man John Levi, but sure wish I had, because this opens the gate to understanding what all took place during this destruction, and how exact the warnings of Jesus were!!
Believe me, I will be looking into this now. Incredible!

Heaven and earth will pass away,but His word would never pass away. That generation witnesses heaven and earth passing away as heaven and earth was the Temple system. The Temple being where heaven and earth meet in the Holy of Holies.

Jesus replaces the Temple and now, all those who have Jesus living inside them, their body is the temple where heaven and earth meet.
The Law was fulfilled and faded away, the New Covenant has replaced the Old. The Kingdom, that He brought into the world is eternal and will never pass away.

2 Peter chapter 3 tells of the whole world being burned up…destroyed by fire…this is not about the end of the world;it is describing what happened to the Temple. Elements will burn by fire means the elements of Judaism will be burned, that system will be completely destroyed. Judaism revolved round the Temple, so modern day Judaism is not the same system at all as there is no longer a Temple!! And all linage is destroyed with it. Only the Jews that became Christians are the remnant that is saved.

The Last Days refer to 30 to 70AD…..we are living in the Kingdom right now! The Old Covenant passed away completely in 70AD.

This is such an educational teaching on the Bible interpreting the Bible. I learned so much in this 157 minutes!! So much more that I want to learn having now been exposed to this. Very exciting for me, as I feel I am being led in this direction, and have been for several months now. My passion for the New Covenant vs the Old…my passion for how it was Finished at the Cross, although I realize now I was not stating that correctly by not explaining it was the Plan of Salvation that was finished, not the Old Covenant. And,my passion for the fact we are living in the Kingdom of God, right now.

I encourage every believer to watch this video, as there is so much Truth being put forth, it will richly bless you. Even if it blows many misconceptions out of the water for you…it will still be a blessing as it will lead you to hunger for more Truth.

Forgive my rather disjointed note taking, but I wanted to give an idea of what major subjects are being covered in this MUST SEE teaching!


Patti C.