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Hello all,

This is another MUST SEE teaching! Everyone should listen to what this man is conveying, and accept or reject it, but at least expose yourself to it. I have learned so much in such a short time, and although I was dealing with conveying the importance of understanding the difference between the Old and New Covenant, these teachings have opened my eyes to so much more!! Now I have even more reason to make sure this is a major focus of my studies.

We need to understand when the Old Covenant was totally destroyed, to the point that its entire system was literally burned up!

The Old Covenant did not end at the Cross, even though the New Covenant was established at that time. It took 40 years for it to completely crumble. No more Temple, no more records of lineage. no more priesthood, no more Judaism…no more Religion of the Jews,the whole system of relating to God was demolished and totally ended at that time.

The remnant of God’s people being all those born again Jews and Gentiles that fled the city of Jerusalem before it was destroyed. Just like Jesus warned them ahead of time to do.

If we don’t see this truth we will keep mixing the two Covenants together and getting all confused, and that is what has been happening since 70AD! Going backward to the Old Covenant is the most dangerous move a Christian can make, as it is FINISHED, OVER AND DONE, and in seeking to reinstate it means we nullify the plan Of God, and reject what Christ did for us at the Cross.

This is major stuff!! I am so excited to understand exactly when this Old Covenant completely ended. I had always thought it ended at the Cross when the New one started…but what happened in 70AD is the final piece of that puzzle, because it took 40 years to die out completely. And, during those 40 years was the biggest stumbling block to Christianity because of Judaisers in the Church.

I actually left a Church of Christ because they said the Book of Revelation was fulfilled in 70 AD…I thought that was the most absurd concept I had ever heard and I thought they were totally deluded. I have to laugh at that now…the more I learn and grow in Truth.

Until we realize this truth about when the Old Covenant ended completely, we will continue to debate about racial issues and Sabbath issues and dietary issues and on and on. These Old Covenant issues need to be left behind to fully dwell in the New Covenant, and fully comprehend what this means.

God’s wrath ended with the Old Covenant, the Church is not appointed to wrath and never will be. We will have tribulation but not wrath, as Grace has come and God’s wrath has ended. The Law and wrath of God went together, and when the Law ended, so did His wrath. This is so important to know!

No matter what position you take on this matter, you owe it to yourself, especially if you consider yourself a “truth seeker”, to listen to what this man is teaching. And, take what he is showing in the Bible and find out for yourself. I am not saying there is no Second Coming and no rapture or any of that, but that it was an earthshaking event when the Old died and the New had come, and much that we see as happening in the future was fulfilled to a tee within the Chapters of the last book of the Bible.

There is much to be learned here!!


Patti C.