Hello all,

The Lord is really putting this issue of the truth verses religion on my heart BIG TIME!! I cannot stop thinking about it, dreaming about it, and reading about it! Every time I open my Bible the verses I am led to are about this! It is uncanny, as I had many other issues that I wanted to write about, but each day this issue comes to the fore. I understand why now, as all the other topics I wanted to write about revolve around this center concept.

As we enter into the darkest days in world history, it becomes increasingly vital to separate Truth from lies, and this involves separating Truth from religion. I have noticed in my own life one of the reasons I am being rejected by friends and coworkers is they think that when I say I am a Christian that it means I am religious. It seems that the the majority of people equate believing in Christ as a religion and not the TRUTH, the WAY and the LIFE.

They are turned off by the idea that they must do something in order to get God, like go to church, be baptized, give up money and stop doing all the fun stuff that makes their life worth living! They think being “religious” will make them judgmental and bigoted and unpopular, so why would they want that! They don’t even know that there is a truth because they have been taught that truth is relative, and whatever they want it to be. Most have absolutely no LOVE OF THE TRUTH, because those who were supposed to share it with them have turned the Truth into a religion!!!

By division (another major tool of Satan) and turning following Jesus Christ into hundreds of denominations, mankind has defiled and fragmented the Truth into various religions with certain rules of conduct!! Instead of the truth setting one free, it has become a way to enslave millions with the same rituals and dogmas that Christ hated!! When I tell someone I am a Christian I can see a light turn off in their eyes and hear them think ” oh no, not another one of those”.

In this way, I realize that I want to share Truth, but I am greatly handicapped by the worldly concept of religion. So in that regard, I have decided to change my tactics when relating to an unbeliever or in name only Christian about God in these end times. I am going to ask them if they know about the Great Tribulation.

Great tribulation is both a personal and worldly event. One only comes to Christ after the great tribulation of coming to the end of themselves. By being broken spiritually, mentally and oft times physically, and knowing they have no control over their situation, will they fall to their knees and cry out to God.

In the same vein, this is what has to happen to the whole of mankind, everyone must come to the end of themselves! God is allowing this to happen so that millions will see how trusting in self, and the world is a dead end street!

I will then ask the person who thinks I am just another religious nut, if they feel they are in tribulation in their lives. If they say yes, then I will let them know that God loves them very much or this would not be happening to them. And tell them “the Lord wants you to come to the end of yourself, with nothing else to rely on but Him”. If they say no, they are not having tribulation, then I will tell them that they soon will, because the Lord is going to bring everyone to the end of themselves, and it is happening everywhere and to everyone that He loves.

I will also tell them that religion is a lie, and once they do come to the end of themselves they will know the Truth, as Jesus will fill their life and fill their hearts and the things of this world will no longer enslave and control them. That is the Truth.

I truly believe that the Great Tribulation is the whole world, both individually and collectively, coming to the end of themselves. This is actually a gift from God, that will save millions! The Lord’s last call to bring all He can to Him. But time is short, so things are getting darker before the Light will dawn.

After the tribulation of these days is the Second Coming!! How glorious is that?!!

I will let you know if my new tactics work. I will of course ask the Lord to bless any conversation I have with anyone about Him, and to be with me in word, thought and deed. But, since He put this on my heart, I look forward to exposing the difference between religion and truth, and maybe that will make the difference.

He is coming soon!


Patti C.