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Most recently I have been debating with an someone about the theology of the Hebrew Roots movement, and how returning to the Law, and the feasts of the Old Testament is the way of religion. The way of Truth is Jesus, and His Spirit. This got heated when he asked me to watch 9 hours of videos to hear his side, and I refused as I had already studied what he presented and rejected it. And, the men involved with the HRM who came up with the videos, I also reject as false prophets.

I went to Pearl with my dilemma and she had some very insightful comments, and a short study on how dangerous it is to fall back when we should be flying forward.


Pearls of Wisdom 3

Debunking Biltz and Hagee

Hi Patti…My mind kept racing about Biltz and his “Hebrew Roots Movement”, and I was almost forced to look up “ammunition” for their destruction. I don’t understand why Christians choose to play “Follow the Leader” instead of being followers of the Bible. But then, the carnal mind is continually on the path of self-destruction through their own egos….

This is one of the better ones I found. Most of the others spoke of “Jewish Feasts” every other sentence, and I was ready to hurl!!


Piece of link article:

Another point is that the dates of the historical events for which these tetrads supposedly correlate do not seem to correlate very well at all to the dates of the tetrads themselves.

For example, the Spanish inquisition actually started some 15 years before the 1493 –94 tetrad, and ended roughly 350 years later. They try to give this some credibility by saying that what the tetrad is really connected with is the so-called Alhambra Decree issued on the 31st of March, 1492, which officially expelled the Jews from Spain; but even then, the first eclipse didn’t occur until over a year later, and the last eclipse over two years later. So, unless you call being off by a year God’s way of predicting something, then this isn’t a match.

The next so called match is supposed to be when Israel declared its independence in 1948, and won the War for Independence the same year. The dates of the 1949 -1950 tetrad, again, did not occur until over a year later, and didn’t fall on any of the dates of Israel’s victories, or on the day that the U.N. recognized them as a state, or any other significant date. Trust me, if there was any significance to the actual dates of these tetrads, you would have heard about it; but the best they can do is, as we will see in the next one, coming within ten months of an event.

So, yeah, the last one they say occurred in conjunction with the Six-Day War, but in reality it didn’t start until ten months after the war ended. And the last eclipse didn’t occur until a full year after that.

Again, these three obvious non-matches look even worse when you consider that they have already thrown two sets of historical tetrads in the trash, because they couldn’t find any historical events to match them with. So, these three represent the best of the best, and that is pretty sad.

So, within two years is close enough for them. And nowadays, apparently, close counts not just with horseshoes and hand grenades, but also Blood Moon theories.

If Biltz and Hagee are really suggesting that God uses these tetrads as a means of communicating to Israel about coming events, where were the warnings about the far greater and far worse events the Jewish people have faced?

Why didn’t God warn them about the Holocaust[4], or 70 AD, or the expulsion from Rome, or the following persecution? What’s more interesting to me is what you have to leave out in order to believe this theory. Why did God pick the Spanish Inquisition to warn them about and nothing else? And if this was a warning, why did it come a year too late for anyone to do anything about it?


Well, my dear “Sister in Christ”…..there’s some ammunition for you to use when anyone “glorifies the name of Biltz”….and Hagee, of course!! But, we have to give them credit for doing one BIG THING……making lots, and lots of MONEY!!!