Hello all,

I am not one to usually dream such things, nor if I do, to share them with others. But, this dream was too awesome to keep to myself, especially the nearer we get to it being fulfilled!! So, here goes:

This dream happened awhile ago, but it was so vivid I will never forget it!!! It is very difficult to find the right words to describe something this supernatural!!!

I was floating in outer space, and the Lord was with me. I did not see Him, or myself for that matter, but we were as one body and one mind and communicated without physical speech. Actually we were both silent and just enjoying the seemingly infinite, PEACE, and the wonderful view.

We were gazing at the Milky Way; it was just incredible to see it like that, up close and personal. All of a sudden, it got ten times brighter and full of color, and started to slowly rotate in the opposite direction. I was speechless with AWE!!!

Then, just as suddenly, we were back on earth in the most beautiful meadow, surrounded by snowy mountain peaks. The meadow was encircled by giant redwood trees and flowers were everywhere. There was a river running through it, with white sandy beaches. It was one of the most incredibly beautiful places I have ever seen or could have imagined!!

As I kept looking at the scene, I was aware that a gray film was being pulled back from one corner of the entire picture, as if it had a dingy overlay on it. As it peeled back further, the incredibly beautiful scene became even more incredibly beautiful!!! The trees took on colors I cannot even describe with words, also the flowers, water and sand. Everything was sparkling and glowing with vibrant life!!!

I soaked in its grandeur for a while, and then I asked the Lord a question. I heard the words in my mind, I did not physically speak them, I asked “Lord, why are you showing me all this?”

He answered, also without speaking with a physical voice, and yet I heard Him, loud and clear; “I AM RENEWING THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH TO THEIR TRUE FORMS; FROM THE MILKY WAY, TO THE MOUNTAIN PEAKS, TO THE GRAINS OF SAND.”

I then woke up, and felt so happy and excited and so very honored, and blessed that he gave me this dream!!! Although the dream was beyond belief, the best part was being united with the Lord in that way. He was part of me, and I was part of Him!!! There was no separation, we were ONE BODY!!!

If this is what it is going to be like when we are with Him and can follow wherever He goes…let me tell you, there is nothing to even compare that glorious feeling to. Since then, even though my life here is getting harder, with illness, and poverty and problems, I have never been so happy and at peace.

We are going home soon, my dear friends, and when we do, we will think nothing about our lives in this world, and them ending. Instead, our true lives will be just BEGINNING!!!



Keep looking up, in love, faith and JOY!!!

Patti C.