Hello all;

A long time silence, from my viewpoint, on the banks of the River of No Return. The flow of writing that was coming out of me, of what the Lord was putting on my heart to share, came to an end, and I was told to stop and listen. All this was brought on by the multitude of crossing currents of worldly events and everything happening at once from in all directions! It was and is overwhelming! Too much war, destruction and distraction, and too many trumpets blasting all at once!! We are in a time when “Behold I come quickly” takes on a whole new meaning.

Whatever I have been doing by writing so much over the past several years it has mainly been about uncovering the lies of evil that has come into the earthly church and dividing Truth from man-made religion. I will, from now on, be more about our personal relationship with our Savior, and more about how we can overcome any event about to befall us with the power of Jesus guiding our lives and hearts. Out of exposing the world’s lies and into the Power of Christ.

What I have found most interesting about staying silent and listening to God and other godly people, is how much there is in common with what the Lord is showing me and how it is lining up with so many other notable True Believers. For a major example, take Rick Wiles of Trunews, who got a message from the Lord to take a new direction in his ministry, and is doing just that! Most on every front are seeing the lateness of the hour and reckon only one more year for this worldly system, and that is generous thinking, as it could be any second now. Spiritual preparations are the most dire of all.

With all that in mind, I would like to start this new turn of events, in what I have to share, with something I wrote a couple years ago about Paul’s thorn. The Lord kept saying the words “boots on the ground” to me for several days starting Sept.17th…and I took that to mean in my ministry… deal with those close to me once again, and pull in my focus, and put spiritual boots on the ground where I am, and walk in Him. But, I also saw how this statement then echoed throughout the world, out of the mouths of world leaders and newsmen! Boots ARE on the ground NOW on all fronts, on all sides; as the darkness advances so must His light inside His followers. It is time for Spiritual “boots on the ground” in our own lives, to keep standing for and with Jesus until He comes for us.

Gratitude and forgiveness must be the fruit of our spirits showing us approved, and we must always remember that those who are forgiven much loveth much! We, as Paul, each has a thorn in the flesh, that keeps us humble and reminds us how much we have been forgiven.



I believe Paul’s thorn to be the remembrance of his past sins. Paul was unique among the apostles because of his past, which was one of persecuting and killing Christians. This would certainly make him the Chief of sinners, in regards to the other apostles. I think this is true of all sinners who find Christ and are born-again, we become a new creature, but we still remember our past sins. Christ tells us He will not remember them; but He does not tell us we won’t. In our weakness as humans, we will remember, and oft times feel unworthy to have been forgiven.

In effect, it is a valuable tool in evangelizing to others, because we can tell them how much we have been forgiven, thus giving that person hope, no matter how sinful they may be. I once heard it said; “You must stand as a sinner, with a sinner, to save him”.

We remember where we came from, and how much Christ has forgiven us…each of us has this thorn, and we can let it condemn us, or we can use it to bring others to the Lord. This does not mean that we keep on sinning; it means that by remembering where we came from, helps us always to remember what Christ did for us.

Saul, who became Paul, was a Pharisee and a murderer. A professor of the Law, the Ten Commandments, but not a keeper of the Law; “thou shalt not kill”. On top of that, he persecuted and murdered God’s own people!! Yes, he was chief among sinners, until Christ saved him. He was the perfect example of a new creature…a murderer turned apostle. He must have remembered where he came from, and what he had done before being saved, and so do we.

I find it to be my thorn, when I remember what a sinner I was before Christ saved me. I also find it to be the best tool to evangelize to the unsaved. It reminds us that no one is worthy of this gift, or in any way deserves it. Yet, when someone hears your honest testimony of how lost you were before you were found, it makes an impact that really speaks to the heart.

Roses have thorns; there is beauty and suffering mixed together, reminding us that with the beauty of being forgiven there is the pain of remembrance of what we were forgiven of. Yet, it is this remembrance that will help us to save others, and always keep us in a state of humility and Grace.


Patti C.