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ISIS is US!!! ( a rant from the Banks of the River of No Return)

Hello all.

We have really fallen for a line of major BS if we believe that ISIS is a Muslim terrorist group! They are the Ultimate Scapegoat that has been created by the powers that be ( satanically created and controlled) to bring down the western world in order to form the One World Order. They have been created and supported by the leaders of the western world governments to be the terrorists that the whole world is fighting against, so that the plans of these leaders will not be exposed.

ISIS is the elites ‘dream team’, made up of special forces created for this very special, end time end game, purpose. They are not cave dwelling terrorists with primitive weapons, they are the best and the brightest that are being paid to do what they do. This has nothing to do with Allah or religion, it is all about money and power. And though they are just pawns, they will think they are kings. They are not only being allowed to do what they do, they are getting their marching orders from the very leaders that say they are fighting against them, such as Obama and Cameron and the like, even though these men are just puppets for the real power behind the thrones…Satan himself.

We, as so called free Americans, elected a Muslim Nazi as President because we wanted a Change! We wanted a change from the horrors of too many Bushs and Clintons…the political mafia cartels of so many years! We actually believed we had a choice, when in all actuality they have been setting this up for decades right under our ‘head in the sand’ noses!! So distracted by sodomy, porno, smart phones, video games, seductive TV, Facebook, Twitter and selfies; not to mention homosexual marriage and the legalization of pot, to go along with our continued support of child sacrifice and murder in the form of abortions, we just went along with whatever person that promised to keep feeding us along the Highway to Hell!! We just learned to “enjoy the ride”.

America became a place that no longer wanted God in our lives. We threw Him out of our homes, our schools, our government and most recently our churches. There truly is nothing new under the sun as we became just like the Israelites of the Old Testament that did not want God to rule them anymore, but wanted a king instead and chose Saul to be their leader. We have opted for a king and we got one…King Obama. Who promised us change and he was not kidding! With all the warnings everywhere around us such as airport murals and UN murals and the Georgia Guide-stones, we still chose not to take heed.

We deserve this final deception that will take so many by surprise. All the government agencies that were set up to protect us are now out to destroy us because we chose to worship the created (man, animals and the earth) over the Creator God. The FDA has become the “Fatten the Dumb Asses” up so we can use them as food, and the CDC has become the “Center for Disease Creation” and speedy distribution. The cure has become much more deadly than the disease and yet we gladly gobble up the latest craze and continue to trust mass media and mass opinion and merrily keep walking that Wide Way to our own destruction.

The first moment I heard about ISIS a little voice in my heart said ISIS is us. I knew right away that this new ultra terror group was put together by the elites to produce the end game scenario. God has removed His protection from this country that has chosen murder and sodomy over His grace. The gates of Hell have been opened and Satan has control of this whole worldly system just like the Bible tells us would happen. Only those who are covered by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, has any protection from being totally destroyed body and soul.

The reason I am writing this today is because of how short the time is to spread any truth on the Internet. Soon, very soon, anyone with any truth to share will be cut off and shut out of this medium of communication. Just like in Orwell’s “Animal Farm” the pigs and their propaganda are taking over. Alternate news sites will disappear along with those who share the truth about the Bible. The watchmen on the wall will be silenced, and the masses will not even notice as they buy and sell the lies they are being fed.

And ISIS will be blamed for this cutting off of the truth. The government will have to take over the Internet to protect us from ISIS and from them hacking into our systems. We are already seeing reports that they have hacked into banking systems and possibly have shut down the Internet in several cities and communities. We know that ISIS is here in the US, which has been leaked to create fear, and to provide a scapegoat when the financial system collapses.

All in all ISIS has become a most invaluable tool to the elites who have created and supported them. They can blame them for all their upcoming plans…the control of the Internet, the financial hacking and collapse, and ultimately World War III. Is there really any doubt that this is true? If so, go on back to sleep, and good luck with that. There really will not be anything we can do to stop this at this late date, and besides God is letting this happen. All we can do is give our lives and everything in them to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for He will never leave or forsake us.

May the Lord bless and keep safe all who read this.


Patti C.


Since writing this I found a very interesting video that proves I am not far off the mark in accusing Obama of arming ISIS, and not only in Iraq and Syria but within the borders of America.  Be advised the King of Terror, our president, will soon be releasing his hordes of destruction in a city near you.