(Satan’s most successful and effective weapon!!)

Hello all,

It all began in the Garden of Eden, when Eve ate of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and not the Tree of Life. She chose knowledge over truth and it seems mankind has been doing that ever since. The tree of Life stood for the Truth, and the tree of Knowledge stood for man’s knowing Self. The ultimate choice of choosing knowing self over knowing God, or the choosing of religion over the Truth.

The product of this choice, that Eve and Adam made, was their two sons, Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel represent the two divisions of humanity. Abel took God’s way and Cain took his own way. There are many people today and throughout history who, like Cain, are doing things their own way. They worship and create religions in their own mind and, thinking they are doing enough to appease God, are being rejected.

Thus, Cain is the seed of the woman that that will try and kill Christ, and makes his first attempt at doing so, by killing Abel. Yet, before Cain kills Abel, both sons make an offering to the Lord. This very first offering is foreshadowing the formation of a false religion and a false worship that the seed of the Serpent (Cain) began. This will become the foundation for all false religions throughout mankind’s history, especially when we get into Nimrod, a direct descendant of Cain.

The Bible tells us, in Genesis 4: 3-5, of these offerings: “And in the process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the Lord.”

Let’s us look at each verse here. “In the process of time” tells us that this is occurring after the Fall because they are now living outside the Garden, in the realm of time; as before they lived in timelessness, and were eternal. It is also the first time that this word (time) is mentioned in the Bible, which indicates this is where time began. Another explanation for 666…24hours 2+4=6, 60 minutes, 60 seconds, the number of man, the number of religion.

Cain “brought the fruit of the ground” that God has cursed because of the sin of Adam and Eve with the Serpent. He curses Satan to crawl on his belly in it, and for Adam to eat of it and die, and return to it. Cain is offering something man made to the Creator, because Cain has the Serpent’s mind and thinks like Satan, and is accursed with Satan’s pride. Religion stands for pride, in that man thinks he can do works to please God.

Cain brings what he made of the fruit of the ground that he was cursed to till, and he brings it as “an offering unto the Lord.” In doing thus, Cain actually becomes the father of religion, actually thinking that a man, cursed to the ground, could offer God, the Creator of the Universe, anything! Cain worshiped the created, and not the Creator, and therefore his offering was most offensive to God.

Before we hear of God’s rejection of Cain’s offering, we hear of His acceptance of Abel’s. Remember, Cain was first to think that he could give God something that would please Him, by making an offering, in the first place. Abel’s offering is just the opposite of Cain’s.

Abel knows God, he is a true son of Adam, and so he knows what will please God because he has a personal relationship with Him. Abel knows that the only thing that would please God is the Gospel, and worshiping in Spirit (by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit) and the Truth, which is God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Genesis 4:4 continues; “and Abel he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the Lord had respect unto Abel and his offering.” Abel brought the Lord what the Lord had created, but not only that, he brought something created by the Lord’s creation, the fat of the lambs. Neither would be possible if God had not created them.

The very fact that Abel brings the first born lambs, proves that he knows the Gospel, and that the Savior, of all mankind, will come from the first born Lamb of God, Jesus. Thus, Abel honors the Creator, the Creator’s creations, the Creator’s plan (the Gospel) and Jesus, all in one offering!

This big lie, that Satan told Eve in the garden, is the very same lie being taught in churches, today. Pastors and preachers are telling people that all they have to do is be baptized by water, join the church, give their money to the church, do “good works” and they will be saved. They will be saved and go to heaven and surely they will never die. This lie is the basis of ‘religion’, for it is the same way, even today, that Satan, through his false teachers and preachers, teach that all religions are just different paths to the same God. Also, by this statement, “ye shall not surely die”, the serpent is calling God a liar, and that God’s Word cannot be trusted.

The religion created by Satan’s seed is the religion of the Pharisee that had Christ put to death on the cross, thus bruising Christ’s heel. When Christ dies for all mankind’s sins and then rises from the grave, he overcomes sin and death and thus bruises, or crushes Satan’s head. Sin and death are what Satan is all about, and Christ dealt him a deadly blow. The deadly wound to Satan’s head will be healed, as stated in the Book of Revelation, but only for a short time. God will use Satan for His own plans and give mankind over to Satan’s rule and religion, because that is what mankind wants. In the end times, the mass majority of mankind will want religion more than the Truth.


We see, by the offerings made by Cain and Abel, that this is a very crucial part of the Genesis story, and how very important it is for us to understand the implications. So much happens in just a few words or verses, that knowing the foundation and the language makes a world of difference in interpretation. It also shows us that God had all this in mind before the foundation of the world, and is passing this knowledge onto man, at the very beginning of man’s creation.

Because Abel was the “good seed” of Adam, he had a personal relationship with God, and the Gospel. Cain, the “bad seed” has a personal relationship to his father, the Serpent, and the mind of his father, the Serpent, and that is why His offering, of the created to the Creator, was rejected. Cain was taking pride in what he created, out of the ground, and not in what God created. This Pride, that caused Satan’s fall and began man’s journey away from God, is shown to us wonderfully when Cain finds out his offering is rejected. Gen. 4:5 tells us; “But onto Cain and to his offering, He (God) had not respect.”

Not only did He not respect Cain for thinking of it, but God did not respect the offering itself. God is showing us that pride, and the offerings of pride, to Him, reflect the path of man made religion, a path to Him that God totally rejects.

Cain’s sin of pride is further illustrated in what he does when his offering is rejected; “and Cain was very wroth and his countenance fell”. If Cain did not harbor the sin of pride, why would he be “wroth” (filled with wrath) and his face turned down? He had to be prideful to be so angry and ashamed. At this point, God even tells him that if he seeks to know the Gospel and the Truth, as his brother does, then he, too, can have a personal relationship with Him; “If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted ?”.

Then God warns Cain of what will happen to him if he does not; “And if thou does not well sin lieth at the door. And onto thee shall be his desire and thou shall rule over him.” In other words, Cain will be left with only his evil desires and these evil desires shall rule over Cain, just like they did his father the Serpent.

This seed of the Serpent, carried down throughout history, is the religious spirit of the antichrist that John speaks about and it is taking over the whole world. The Jews at the time of Jesus’ ministry are the prime example of this, as they were not worshiping in Spirit and in Truth, instead they had made a religion of the Truth, just like Cain did.

The followers of the religion of Judaism is still doing this today! They do not worship in Spirit for they have not Christ, which is the only way to have the Holy Spirit. They do not worship in Truth because Christ is the Truth, and they know not Him!! Why oh why do we see these people as God’s chosen people? This is the ultimate perversion of Truth, this has been and still is Satan’s most successful and effective weapon against the true elect, the true chosen people of God!

Come out of religion and into the truth!! Being born again is the only way to the Kingdom of God! A personal relationship with Jesus and giving ones life to Him and receiving the Holy Spirit that will lead one to all Truth is the way. Religion leads to death and hell, and Truth leads to Life eternal. Choose Life!!

With love for all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ who have found the Truth and it has set them free. May the Lord give you the strength to shine forth His Light into this dark world.


Patti C.