Hello all!

I have written on many end-time web sites under the name Patti C., and what I am finding out is that so many of these sites have a personal agenda to promote their own views of end time issues and therefore only allow contributors to present what they condone as truth. I am tired and weary of their religious doctrines and decided to start this blog to open up the boundaries of what can be discovered when we come out of Religion and start dealing in Truth.

A bit about myself; I am a born again Christian. I have a Masters degree in Theology and have recently come out of the “churches”…which I feel have become all form and no power.  Religion is something dead and pinned down, the Truth which is Christ is alive and free to know.  The great falling away from faith and truth has been taking place at an alarming rate, and most are falling for “another” gospel.

The purpose of this blog is to present the truth as opposed to religion…to present what is pure in the sacred Word and not mixed with the doctrines of men or demons.  To have no motives of greed and sensationalism in presenting what the Lord is showing me as I grow in my walk with Him.  I am finding out this Truth for myself, by intense Bible Study and researching what the great men of God have been showing us down through the ages.

I hope you will be drawn to this site, and feel free to join the conversation.  We are in the most incredible time in the history of this world and need to find comfort in what is real and true and stop believing what the world is telling us about Jesus, and find out His Truth.


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